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Investigadora Responsable: Alejandra Araya G.

Chile and other parts of the world, people infected with HIV are living longer due to antiretroviral therapy, resulting in a dramatic rise in the number of older adults (ages 50 and over) living with HIV. HIV infection can potentiate the biological mechanisms of aging due to the immuno-inflammatory effects of HIV.  Older adults living with HIV represent a growing vulnerable group whose health is at risk due to both the specific conditions related to HIV and the more rapid onset of conditions associated with aging. Increasing physical activity has been identified as a safe, low-cost lifestyle change that improves physical and mental health including quality of life. Older adults living with HIV are a group that should benefit greatly from regular physical activity but many suffer from HIV-related symptoms that make them less likely to engage in regular physical activity.An intervention promoting physical activity that is tailored to the specific needs of older adults living with HIV is urgently needed.

This research will pilot a Healthy Activity Promotion Intervention (HAPI), a culturally tailored intervention to promote regular physical activity and address barriers to exercise among older adults living with HIV in Santiago, Chile. HAPI will use self-efficacy and coaching approach to provide the motivation, behavioral change skills and self-efficacy for physical activity among older adults living with HIV. Phase I will be a qualitative assessment of current physical activity needs and barriers and facilitators to activity. Phase II will develop the intervention based on Phase I findings.The intervention is hypothesized to increase self-efficacy for exercise, leading to increased physical activity and improved health status as measured by higher self-rated health; lower depressive symptoms, HIV symptoms and frailty assessments; and higher quality of life.

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